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日期 / 2022 年 1 月 11 日

作者 / Kat Howard (作者帳號已刪,但仍可看到底下留言)

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People who think men will never take advantage of self-ID to access women's spaces baffle me. Of course they will. Let me tell you a story. I was volunteering in a women's shelter when a woman called. She needed to speak to someone, and asked if she could bring a TW friend. (1/)

那些認為「男人絕對不會利用 Self-ID 進入女性空間」的人使我困惑。他們當然會啊。讓我跟你說個故事。我曾經在一個女性的庇護所當志工,有個女人打來說,她需要跟人談談,問她能不能帶一個跨女朋友一起。

Shelter said "yes". However when woman and "TW" show up, it was clear that this had been a lie. The person who showed up was a man. 6ft5, muscular, entirely male presenting (bar nail polish). Went by a male name, but asked for female pronouns. (2/)

庇護所同意了。然而當女人還有「跨女」出現的時候,顯然她撒了個謊。出現的人是個男人。六呎五吋高 (註:約 195 公分),肌肉發達,完全是男性的外表 (有塗指甲油)。使用男性的名字,但要求女性代名詞。

Shelter lets them in on the basis of the female pronouns. "TW" and female friend go to speak to individual case workers. Within 10 minutes, friend was referring to "TW" with male pronouns. The female pronoun business had been used just to get this man into the shelter. (3/)


Why? Unsure. To speak to, he had been nice enough. But how much can you honestly tell from a minute's conversation? That is however the risk the female case workers had to take by letting him in. If he had been violent, there would have been little we could have done. (4/)


Not to mention the shelter exists to help women who have faced, or are continuing to face, male violence and abuse. Seeing a man in this space can be hugely triggering. The shelter doesn't even allow male delivery drivers or male inspectors in. (5/)


This shelter also serves women who are escaping men and male violence. Women who need a space to be safe from violent pimps or Johns, abusive husbands or family members. The minute you allow any man who self-IDs in, you open up the space to abusers. (6/)


In this case, I think this man used self-ID to access this shelter simply because it's nicer than the local men's shelters. But that is not what women's shelters are for. Women's spaces do not exist as a substitute for poor male facilities. (7/)

在這個案例中,我認為這個利用 Self-ID (自我認同) 進入庇護所的男人,單純是因為這間比當地的男性庇護所要好。但是這不是女性庇護所的服務的目的。女人的空間不是弱勢男性機構的代替品。

After this incident, the shelter revised its policy on "TW" and self-ID. But many shelters still operate on self-ID, and too many people in power want to see all women's spaces admit men. Simply, this is dangerous and puts women at risk, and men will take advantage. (8/ 8 )

這個事件以後,庇護所修訂了它的「跨女」與 Self-ID (自我認同) 政策。但很多庇護所依然遵照 Self-ID 運作,而太多有權力的人想要見到所有的女人空間允許男人進入。這是全然的危險並置女人於風險中,而男人會利用它得利。