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Storm mg

NTU’s Female Dormitory

Yan Fong admitted that during her service as the Dean of Student Affairs
(from Aug. 2005 to Jul. …

Mirror Media

NTNU’s Swimming Pool Female Changing Room and Restrooms

According to NTNU’s principal, Zheng-Ji Wu, around 3-4 years ago, a NTNU’s trans-identified male …


CGU’s Female Dormitory

(TAPCPR’s Lawsuit) In 2017, a trans woman, Yu-Hsun Wu, applied to live in the female dormitory at …

Jin Mountain
Yahoo! News

Female Hot Spring on the Jin Mountain

On 13 Apr. 2018, it was said that a man broke into “Nanping Public Bathroom” of the female hot …


Female Restroom of Taipei’s Startup Company

(TAPCPR’s Lawsuit) In 2019, Ms. Yang, a trans woman, joined a job interview held by a startup …

May, 2022

NCKU’s Female Dormitory

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) did a survey on students’ attitudes to a gender-friendly …

November, 2022

Bearded trans woman "hides male genital between legs" to break into Beitou's female hot spring

On 10, Nov., a 37-year-old trans woman, Kuo, and one female friend broke into the female hot spring …



Transsexual Woman Broke Women’s Record in NIAG

Yu-Jia Lin, a NTU’s undergraduate, began her formal training after studying at the university. She …

January, 2022
Central News Agency

2023: Athletes are allowed to "transfer" to another group in the competitions of the National Middle School Athletic Games (NMSAG) and National University and College Athletic Games (NUCAG)

In Jan. 2022, the Chinese Taipei School Sport Federation (CTSSF) announced on its official website …

Crimes and Marketing Statistics

Judicial Yuan
December, 2021

Genders Will Be Removed from Judgements and Other Documents

On 14 Dec. 2021, Judicial Yuan passed the amendments to The Code of Criminal Procedure and …

Social Welfare Programs for Women

Febuary, 2022
Taiwan News

Transsexual Woman Applied for Menstrual Leave

In Nov. 2021, a transsexual woman applied for menstrual leave to her company. As a result, the …

Children and Adolescents

Zhi-Yun Xu

The psychiatrist, Zhi-Yun Xu, has been collaborating with Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights (TAPCPR) for a long time. (Xu is an attending physician of MOHW’s Kinmen Hospital and adjunct attending physician of NTU Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry. He is an ex-Dean of TTHA.) Xu admitted that he gave puberty blockers to a 5th grade student who had gender dysphoria.

In “Gender Dysphoria in Children and Adolescents—Literature Review”, a physician gave puberty blockers to a 5th grade student who had gender dysphoria.
Source: “Gender Dysphoria in Children and Adolescents—Literature Review”
As it is reported in the article, the anonymous physician is supposed to be Zhi-Yun Xu, the keynote speaker of the seminar.
Source: The Agenda of 2019 Seminar on Adolescent Medicine

Taiwan’s Gender Recognition Act (GRA)

Yu-Hsun Wu
Febuary, 2022
Taipei Times

The Constitutional Interpretation on GRA Issue

(TAPCPR’s Lawsuit) Yu-Hsun Wu applied for a change to the sex on her ID card from male to female at …

Xiao E
November, 2021
Focus Taiwan - CNA English News

Taiwan court rules to allow trans woman’s ID card gender change request

(TAPCPR’s Lawsuit) A trans woman, Xiao E, applied to change the sex on her ID card but was denied by …

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