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We are currently seeking submissions of opinions and personal stories:

  • Editorials: Your opinions on self-ID or trans ideology.
  • Stories: Sharing your experience of what and how self-ID or trans ideology has impacted on you.

Articles which were already published on other platform or media are welcome as well.

Topics recommended to include but not limited to: Medical Care / Sports / Women’s Sex-Based Rights / Censorship and Free Expression / Crimes and Marketing Statistics / Women’s Spaces / Language / Lesbians / Children and Adolescents


  • A minimum of 800 words is recommended.
  • If the article contains references, statistics or data, please provide the source.
  • If the article contains images, please provide the source.

Minor revisions such as typos correction or adjustments for the layout will not be notified. If there are further revision suggestions, we will discuss with you.

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