Resources in Taiwan

迷因 反對無配套跨性別免術換證💚🤍💜 (Twitter: Meme: No Self-ID)

It is one of our supporters on Twitter. It introduces trans issues by memes. It also offers translated news and policies about trans from abroad.

性別不是你說了算 (Facebook: No Self-ID)

It is one of our supporters on Facebook. It introduces specific issues about trans. It also offers Taiwan’s news and policies about trans.

珍妮佛的訓練筆記 (Jennifer’s Notes for Training)

The blogger, Jennifer, is a strength and conditioning coach, writer, and graduate of Orthopedics at NTU’s Physical Therapy School. She wrote several analyses on trans and women’s sports.

尋常百姓思聊私聊 (Commoners’ Gossip)

It is one of our supporters on Podcast. The host, Taiwan’s Hermit, introduces trans issues and controversies in plain language.

Jaclynn Joyce

The blogger, Jaclynn Joseph, was born in Hawaii, USA. She has lived in Taiwan for years and is currently pursuing a PhD in feminist philosophy. She is also an activist for women’s rights and feminist studies.


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