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Women Are Human

It is a website on which news and views about trans and women’s rights are collected. (Please notice that some texts on it are handwritten. If you want to quote one of them, you had better check its credibility.)


Women's Declaration International

It is a group of volunteer women from across the globe dedicated to protecting women’s sex-based rights. “The Declaration on Women’s Sex Based Rights” was created by the founders of WDI to lobby nations to maintain language protecting women and girls on the basis of sex rather than “gender” or “gender identity”. The declaration had been signed by the people from almost 160 nations and over 400 organizations.

Fair Play For Women

It is a campaigning and consultancy group which raises awareness, provides evidence and analysis, and supports policy-makers to protect the rights of women and girls in the UK.

Safe Schools Alliance UK

It is led by a group of parents in UK. Its aim is to protect school children. It offers teachings that how parents can talk to schools and trans groups. Also, it provides the studies that single-sex spaces are needed by children and adolescents. Further, it points out that parents can require schools to offer single-sex spaces and unisex spaces at the same time.

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Women's Space Ireland

It is a group advocating women’s rights in Ireland. It aims to advocate women’s sex-based rights. Also, it offers a large amount of resources about single-sex spaces for women.

Speak Up for Women

It is a group focusing on self-ID policies and their influences on the rights of women and girls in New Zealand.

No!セルフID 女性の人権と安全を求める会 (No Self-ID: For Women’s Rights and Safety Japan)

It is a group against self-ID in Japan. It proposes a fair society in which women’s spaces and sports are remained with everyone’s safety and rights are maintained.

女性スペースを守る会 (Women’s Space Japan)

It is a group advocating women’s spaces in Japan. It focuses on women’s safety and asks the part of one’s gender identification in LGBT draft bills to be discussed seriously.

More NGOs and individuals (listed by an anonymous person)

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