Who Steals Our Female Restrooms (Part II): “Terribly afraid about this news as a survivor of sexual assault”—GRA might decrease the cost of crimes

I wonder if more and more males who have not received a SRS are allowed to access to women’s spaces, will there be more girls like me? Why would we ever want to make Taiwanese women so afraid?

In last September, a trans woman, Xiao E, successfully changed her legal sex (without providing the proof of a sex reassignment surgery) after the ruling of the administrative court came out. This news provoked a major conflict in Taiwan’s LGBTQ communities. Below is the self-revelation written by Stramonium, a bisexual woman.

Since I was little, I have always been bullied. When studying in junior high school, a female classmate treated me nicely. Perhaps, I desired for her permanent companion just as much as a drowning person did to a piece of driftwood. Could this feeling be love? Or, was it my insecurity? I could not be sure at that time because I had secretly loved a male classmate, too. After entering the college, my first romantic relationship was with a woman and the second one was with a man. Finally, I came to a conclusion: I love women and men because I am a bisexual woman.

In the beginning, my father could not accept my bisexuality. He was worried about my safety in particular. I promised him that I would never hook up with anyone. The only time that I broke his heart was Taiwan’s referendum on gay marriage in 2018. My father did not support gay marriage to be applied to the Civil Code. We had a terrible quarrel over it. Though according to the result of the referendum, gay marriage is not appliable to the Civil Code, I have apologized to my father for hurting his feelings. Generally speaking, Taiwanese people hope that gay marriage is applied to a special law. However, our government enacted a special law which is almost the same as the Civil Code Part IV Family. Even though I am a member of LGBTQ group, I disagree to this inappropriate response to people’s opinion. It betrayed people’s trust in their votes in the referendum. Hence, I am very afraid of the development of Taiwan’s GRA.

I am afraid of any males who enter women’s spaces. I am saying it due to my personal experience. When I was 9, I went to an Internet café on my own. Its restroom was uni-sex. The urinals were at the outside of the cubicles while the squatty potties were at the inside. Staying in a cubicle, I heard a sound coming from the outside. When I opened the door, I saw a middle-aged man.

I walked to the lavatory and began to wash my hands. Suddenly, that man hugged me from behind. He put his hands into my clothes to touch my breasts. I tried to fight back but he pressed his body against my back. I started to scream as loudly as I could till the owner of the café came to help me. However, I begged the owner not to call the police because I was afraid—my father would know I went to an Internet café on my own—and everyone would know what happened to me. Till now, I realized that I should not have been so weak-hearted. I wonder if more and more males who have not received a SRS are allowed to access to women’s spaces, will there be more girls like me? Why would we ever want to make Taiwanese women so afraid?

I already launched a petition on the Public Policy Participation Platform built by National Development Council: “Introduce a clear sexual separation for the safety of women and children for the purpose of reducing the problems will caused by the Gender Recognition Act”. The goal of 5,000 signatures were reached and waiting for the response from The Ministry of the Interior. Honestly speaking, I do not care about how others identify themselves as. What I do care about is the existence of single-sex spaces.

In the past, the spaces were divided due to sex differences. In our time, these spaces should not be cancelled just because some people “feel they are women or men”. No matter how they emphasize the importance of their gender identities, they cannot change their sexes and bodies. Needless to say, gender identity has never been proved by science. This claim can be easily used by some scumbags. This loophole in Taiwan’s GRA will considerably decrease the cost of crimes. Besides, I disagree to the declaration that “Criminals do not bother themselves about [getting two diagnoses of gender dysphoria and change the legal sex and] raping someone.” Taking advantage of any loopholes is a part of our human nature. Making such a hole or a gray zone in the law will never be good to our society.

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