Self-ID And Its Impacts


Globally, political correctness is demanded more than professionalism in athletic contests due to the impact of transgender ideology. According to researches on sports physiology, it is impossible for female athletes to be safe and competent when trans inclusion in women’s sports is regulated.

In Taiwan, transgender athletes will be allowed to “transfer” to another group as their self-identified gender in 2023 National Middle School Athletic Games (NMSAG).


How will Taiwan’s future look like?

Physical Fitness Test and Application to Sport Talent Classes and Schools

If we take a look at the part of sit-up from the Ministry of Education’s “Physical Fitness Norms”, we can see that in the 16-23 age group, males’ average performance is 35-37 sit-ups per minute whereas females’ is 27-28 sit-ups per minute. Moreover, this number of males’ average performance is the same as the ones of females’ preliminary performance of silver and gold medals. If a male student is allowed to register as a female, he will easily get extra points when applying to sport talent classes and schools.

Fairness in Athletic Contests

When sex differences are real, is it fair to let any males participate in women’s sports?

Or, is it fair to let any trans men who are taking testosterone participate in women’s sports?

Fairness in Application to University: Female Students of Sport Talent Classes

If male students are allowed to participate in the female group of NMSAG, they will rule the female students of sport talent classes (an alternative educational system in Taiwan, recruiting athletically talented students) out of medals and application to universities.

Physical Fitness Test and Occupations

Some occupations like military and police may require their applicants to take a physical fitness test. When sex differences exist in physical ability, is it fair to let acceptance rate for anyone be influenced?

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