“No Self ID Taiwan” is dedicated to showing how the mainstream trans rights movement has influenced Taiwan’s society. We are concerned that how Taiwan’s policy makers will respond to it. Also, we intend to offer further information for those who are interested in trans issues.


As far as we have noticed, a large amount of information about transgender people is provided by the trans lobbies in Taiwan. Most of them not only support “GRC-only” or “self-ID” policies but also conceal the real condition happening globally due to the mainstream trans rights movement. Thus, we built this website for Taiwan’s people. By offering further information, we hope to create a platform for those who cannot speak for themselves and draw more Taiwanese’s attention to trans issues.

If you are not familiar with trans issues, please check FAQ to first understand some common terms and topics.

Declaration: The purpose that we collect an amount of relatively negative information is not to encourage any abusive or discriminatory behavior towards any group or individual. Rather, we hope to shape and see a better future by offering a clear comparison between the nations adopting different trans policies.


This site is made and maintained by Y. Most information (especially the Chinese translations) on this site is offered by the users on Plurk. Below are our thanks to them for their hard works and generous permission.

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Our Logo: Calling a Deer as a Horse

The Chinese idiom “Calling a deer as a horse” is used to describe a situation where “black” is called “white” and vice versa for the purpose of manipulating people to advance one’s evil agenda.

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