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Gender Self-Identification Laws Are Rolled out in Taiwan

In 2021, a trans woman successfully changed the sex marker on her ID card from male to female without providing the proof of a sex reassignment surgery. Through the ruling of the administrative court, she legally became the first female who was born with a penis in Taiwan.

In 2021, TAPCPR filed a lawsuit against a District Household Registration Office in Taipei to let a trans woman, Yu-Hsun Wu, who also did not receive a sex reassignment surgery change the sex marker on her ID card. While ordering a halt to the case, The Taipei High Administrative Court also sought an interpretation of the Constitution on the issue.

Executive Yuan will be drafting the “Gender Recognition Act (GRA)” in order to let trans people change the sex markers on their ID cards (aka the “Gender Not Sex Act”). However, its Department of Gender Equality conduct an outsourcing survey of LGBT people rather than the public and women’s rights organizations. Thus, we doubt that how will the “Gender Recognition Act” cover both trans’ and women’s rights? Or, will women’s safety, privacy, social welfare programs, and other rights be sacrificed like they already are in other nations?

Furthermore, when Taiwan is going to allow transgender and intersex athletes to “transfer” to another group in the competitions of National Middle School Athletic Games (NMSAG) from 2023, will there be any guarantee of a level playing field?

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Will the Public Get a Say?

The Ministry of the Interior began its discussion about the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) from 2015; nonetheless, it only listens to trans lobbies’ voices. A great number of people such as women and other trans’ rights organizations are not heard even if they will be influenced by the act more deeply.

In the end of 2021, two different organizations launched petitions on the Public Policy Participation Platform built by National Development Council. They demanded that the Ministry of the Interior should listen to different opinions and the rights of those who will be deeply influenced by the act.

In our opinion, instead of a Ministry’s decision, a court’s judgement, and a constitutional interpretation, the public’s voice should be listened to if there is any change in sex-changing laws. In other words, Taiwan’s democracy is failed if the law-making institutions are not reflecting the people’s opinions.

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“No Self ID Taiwan” is a site built by a group of anonymous people. It aims to offer a platform for those who disagree with trans lobbies to speak for themselves.

This site keeps following global news about trans policies. We hope to draw more Taiwanese’s attention to GRA issues hence we can provide different opinions to Taiwan’s law-making institutions.

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